• VIP Warez Irc Server

    Welcome to VIP Warez IRC

    You can connect to us at

    irc.vipwarez.net port 6667
    us.vipwarez.net port 6667
    If you have any questions please contact me(TheOne) or zas on IRC.
    or you can email me @ VIPWarez

    We have many services such as Nick and Chan
    Just /msg nickserv help
    Just /msg chanserv help

  • Be Part of Our Community

  • Our main channel is #vipwarez
    Our help channel is #help

    Feel free to add your own nick and channels.

    We suggest using HexChat or Mirc chat client.

    HexChat is a free Program. Mirc is a paid program

    Or use your own irc client. You can search the internet for them.